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College degrees or other credentials beyond high school are critical for success in today’s workplace, but as the younger generation get prepared for their future, we can’t afford to overlook the value of Communication & self-Confidence. Today’s employers are looking for a smarter workforce – Presentable, Creative, Divergent thinking, Having the right attitude are skills that’s in-demand in nearly every industry.

It’s not surprising to learn that communication & self-confidence are regarded as the top sought after personality traits and are most important to career success. And most agree that it is so important, it should be taught as a course, like math and science. However, what deserves more attention is that most of the students do not feel confident to make presentations and speeches or attend a job interview.

The ability to communicate & have the right attitude can help give our students a competitive edge when they enter the workforce—whether they are interacting with clients/colleagues, creating presentations, or delivering speeches. The Books in this combo set have been designed to help the younger generation, address some critical traits and create a more dynamic and energized personality and achieve success.

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