The Art of public speaking

Public Speaking – Are you doing it wrong?

Public speaking has always been a powerful weapon for change. Through centuries, many great leaders, orators and visionaries have voiced some of the most enduring speeches that have moved the audience in inconceivable ways, inspired nations, sparked conversations and ultimately, found their way into our history books. Clearly, a public speech is more than a set of spoken words. It is how the speaker, the idea, the context, the language and the delivery — all come together to bring about a remarkable impact.

This book takes you through the essentials of Public speaking. It not only talks about ways to overcome your fear of Public speaking but also highlights the components that are critical in making you a great orator. Individuals can learn the essential Do’s & Don’ts of Public speaking which have been compiled in this book and can open-up a new world of possibilities for their careers and organizations alike. So, keep reading to break your fear of public speaking and wield the power that comes with it!

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