Set of 4 e-Books

Define YOUR Personal Brand to Accelerate your Career

“Branding is what companies stand for.” It’s reflected in how that company acts, the values that the company shares and how the company projects those values. A strong brand stands out in the crowd—and gains more sales, increased awareness and better customer experiences as a result. However branding isn’t just for companies. Individuals each have their own story to tell, skills and expertise to share. The “Set of 4 E-Books” assists the readers to improve their overall personality & branding. It aims at building self-confidence, the right approach at times of uncertainties and sharpens some of the most critical skills like Communication & Self confidence in order to excel at work.

Verbal Communication is addressed by enriching one’s  Public Speaking Skills and directs an individual on “How to present yourself in front of the prospective employer” while Written Communication is addressed by concentrating on essentials of Effective Business Writing. It also helps work on your attitude & self confidence in order to sail through the Downturns in your professional/personal life. These Books are designed to help any professional, create a more dynamic and energized personality and achieve success.

So what are you waiting for??? Order your set of these 4 E-Books at a discounted price and enhance your Personal Brand !! 

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